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Customer Love

  • 5

    Ri's chili sauce has literally become an extension of my spoon & fork 😋


  • 5

    I like that it is not the mala which numbs my tongue so much that I can't even taste anything, even my 8 yr old likes it, she was dipping her grilled lamb and steamed squid in it! We love the crunch!

    Ng Huiling

  • 5

    This was fantastic! Nothing like what you get in stores! No smell of cheap oil and awesomely spiced!!


  • 5

    Ok, it doesn’t get better than this! Super delicious, thank you for spicing up our meals!


  • 5

    Just a dollop and it adds immense flavour! You gotta try this!


  • 5

    The sambal’s become my new favorite, even my husband is obsessed with it! I love the fiery chili taste with a wonderful sweetness to it.


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