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Great tasting bread without the bloat. Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

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Gluten Free Bread

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Glass jar with garlic chili oil

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Hi, I'm Riyana.

I’m a holistic nutritionist (NTP), recipe developer, mom of three boys, and lover of all things food! I've been a foodie for as long as I can remember, and it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Ri's – an absolute labor of love marrying my passion for health with real-food deliciousness.

In 2020, I created the Clean-in-15™ as a 15-day whole foods reset for anyone looking to make lifestyle changes, address ongoing symptoms of suboptimal health, and uncover food sensitivities. The results and response from participants around the world have been phenomenal, and this motivated me to launch Ri's. I wanted to give people an easy way to make everyday meals delicious and convenient while keeping to their new healthy habits. They loved the way they were feeling and eating, and I wanted to help them sustain that.

It is my mission to nourish you and your loved ones with delicious, real food products that always bring a good time to the table.


Can't believe it

This is a really tasty product, loved by parents and kids. An amazing better for you option and alternative to regular bread and with no other nasties in them. I'll be buying them again.

- Annie


Happy to have found delicious, gluten-free, soy-free bread with a familiar texture.

- Vidya

Love them

It's very light and soft and not stodgy like some other GF products on the market. All family members love it!

- Natasa

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