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Flavor forward products made from real food ingredients to enliven your daily plate.

I’m a holistic nutritionist (NTP), 
recipe developer, mom of three boys, and lover of all things food! I've been a foodie for as long as I can remember, and it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Ri's – an absolute labor of love marrying my passion for health with real-food deliciousness.

I was born in LA, grew up in New York, and have called Singapore home for over ten years. My journey into nutrition really started out as a personal one. I was suffering from fertility, adrenal, digestive, and autoimmune issues, and things came to a head after years of doctor visits, medication, and feeling sorry for myself. I had to dig deep into what was making me sick, and as I began to understand how the human body works and how food impacts our health, I started experimenting with food and lifestyle changes that brought about healing in ways I never thought possible. As it turns out, medicine doesn't always exist in a bottle; true healing happens when you're nourished from within. This set me on a path to help others, which led to the birth of Healthy-ish & Happy.   

"My passion is cooking, developing delicious healthy recipes, and teaching others about the power of real food, lifestyle, and mindset."

In 2020, I created the Clean-in-15 as a 15-day whole foods reset for anyone looking to make lifestyle changes, address ongoing symptoms of suboptimal health, and uncover food sensitivities. The results and response from participants around the world have been phenomenal, and this motivated me to launch Ri's. I wanted to give people an easy way to make everyday meals delicious and convenient while keeping to their new healthy habits. They loved the way they were feeling and eating, and I wanted to help them sustain that!

“To me, flavor is just as non-negotiable as quality. It doesn’t matter what your eating style may be – delicious food always finds good company – Ri's just happens to be good for you too!”

The first product I launched was a line of four chili sauces. Why chili? Notwithstanding my love for spicy food, it was surprisingly difficult to find a clean version in-store that didn't contain inflammatory oils or added sugar. (More on why you should avoid vegetable oils here.)

I have since added a variety of grain-free seed crackers to the shop with plenty of ideas cooking in my R&D kitchen. It is my wish to nourish you and your loved ones with delicious, real food products that always bring a good time to the table.

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